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Kenwood Depot

314 Warm Springs Road, Kenwood, CA

Past Events

Sun Dec 10th 2017 Looking for families in need of new holiday heirlooms
Sat Dec 2nd 2017 KCC Holiday potluck party
Wed Sep 20th 2017 Congressman Thompson to speak at local Rotary Club
Wed Sep 6th 2017 Volunteer meeting for Wine Country Film Festival
Wed Aug 16th 2017 Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood meeting
Wed Jun 7th 2017 The Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood meets
Wed Mar 15th 2017 Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood meeting
Sun Feb 26th 2017 Oscar party at Kenwood Depot
Wed Jan 18th 2017 The Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood meets
Wed Jan 18th 2017 VOTMA Meeting
Wed Dec 7th 2016 The Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood meets
Sat Dec 3rd 2016 Depot hosts ‘Old Fashioned Community Potluck’
Sat Sep 24th 2016 Cinematography master class with Jack Green
Wed Sep 21st 2016 Yoga classes at Kenwood Depot
Wed Jun 1st 2016 Yoga at the Kenwood Depot
Tue Mar 22nd 2016 Meditation classes at the Kenwood Depot
Mon Dec 28th 2015 Dakaboom in Kenwood
Sun Dec 27th 2015 Dakaboom in Kenwood
Sat Dec 5th 2015 Kenwood Community Club Annual Holiday Dinner
Sun Nov 22nd 2015 Depot concert features string quartet
Sun Oct 25th 2015 Chamber music at the Depot
Sat Oct 17th 2015 Fawn Rescue open house
Sun Sep 27th 2015 Chamber Music Series at the Depot
Sat Jul 25th 2015 Fine art exhibit at the Depot
Wed Jul 15th 2015 VOTMA General Meeting, topic: Transform SDC
Mon Jul 6th 2015 Depot Book Club meeting
Mon May 25th 2015 Memorial Day Potluck Picnic at the Depot
Wed Apr 15th 2015 VOTMA quarterly meeting
Tue Mar 24th 2015 4th of July parade meeting – calling all volunteers!
Wed Dec 31st 2014 New Year’s Eve Bash in Kenwood
Sun Dec 28th 2014 Dakaboom performing in Kenwood
Sat Dec 27th 2014 Dakaboom performing in Kenwood
Sat Dec 6th 2014 Annual holiday dinner at the Kenwood Depot
Mon Feb 24th 2014 Help plan the Kenwood Parade!
Wed Jan 15th 2014 VOTMA Quarterly Meeting
Mon Jan 6th 2014 Depot Book Club meeting
Tue Dec 31st 2013 New Year’s Eve gala in Kenwood
Sat Dec 28th 2013 Dakaboom returns to Kenwood
Fri Dec 27th 2013 Dakaboom returns to Kenwood
Fri Dec 20th 2013 Open Mic the Kenwood Depot
Sat Dec 7th 2013 Annual 1888 holiday party at Depot
Sat Dec 7th 2013 Free Holiday party at Depot
Tue Sep 24th 2013 SF Opera preview at Depot
Sat Sep 21st 2013 Kenwood Depot anniversary celebration
Thu May 30th 2013 SF Opera Guild hosts lecture at Kenwood Depot
Thu May 16th 2013 Open Mic opens for new season
Mon May 6th 2013 Depot Book Club meeting
Sat May 4th 2013 4th of July Parade planning meeting
Mon Apr 1st 2013 Depot Book Club Meeting
Sat Mar 30th 2013 Easter weekend breakfast, egg hunt

Community Calendar

Caroling with Santa in Glen Ellen
Oakmont Sunday Symposium Winter Solstice