The Kenwood Press
News: 10/01/2018

Renewal in the wake of fires

On Sept. 25, Glen Ellen residents Marge Everidge and Archie Horton sat in a garden sanctuary (of sorts) which they created amid the empty lots and ongoing post-fire construction on hard-hit O’Donnell Lane, where over 20 homes burned last October. Behind the two Glen Ellen sweethearts are the Everidge family’s four properties that burned between Warm Springs Road and O’Donnell Lane, including three homes and a garage, as well as 53 trees. Marge’s family has been in Glen Ellen since 1952. The brightly colored site, populated with flowers and plants, is tended to by Marge and Archie, and also includes a variety of items that survived the fire, such as an old Singer sewing machine, plow, oven, and stone garden frog. Marge and Archie are awaiting two manufactured homes to be placed on the property, while staying in a nearby guest house. “It’s a blessing we have each other and that no one got hurt,” said Marge. “It will all work out I’m sure.” Photo by Jay Gamel