The Kenwood Press
News: 10/01/2018

Oakmont cannabis dispensary proposal withdrawn

After vocal opposition from Oakmont residents as well as the Oakmont Village Association’s (OVA) Board of Directors, plans for an adult (recreational) and medical cannabis dispensary have been shelved.

The use permit application which Herbal Holistics had applied for with the City of Santa Rosa has been withdrawn, according to city planning officials.

Herbal Holistics had wanted to open the dispensary in a medical office building at 6575 Oakmont Dr., between Stone Bridge Road and White Oak Drive.

In the spring, the owners of Herbal Holistics engaged in a preliminary exploration of the project, holding a neighborhood meeting at city administrative offices in Santa Rosa. There, the proprietors heard Oakmonters voice a number of objections to the dispensary. About 1,000 residents signed a petition in opposition, hundreds of emails were sent to city planners, and the OVA’s board took an official unanimous “no” position.

Among the problems Oakmont residents have with the dispensary idea include traffic concerns – if out-of-the-area vehicles are coming from the direction of Sonoma Highway onto Oakmont Drive, access to the medical building’s parking lot would have required a U-turn at White Oak and Oakmont Drive. Crime potential was another concern brought up by Oakmonters, as well as compatibility issues with surrounding Oakmont neighborhoods and businesses.

“This is a win for our community, the vast majority of which didn’t want a dispensary in Oakmont,” said Steve Spanier, president of the OVA Board of Directors.

“We’re so grateful for the efforts of many Oakmonters, who wrote letters, signed a petition and attended city meetings to express our concerns.”