The Kenwood Press
News: 04/15/2019

Ask and (hopefully) ye shall receive…

marek in pothole
Marek Lorenc kneels in a pothole on Lawndale Road, imploring the county to do something about this driving hazard, which spans the road. Another neighbor reported the same pothole to the County’s Department of Transportation and Public Works (TPW), and received the following response on April 10: “Thank you for the notification regarding these potholes. We do have this area scheduled for rehab. We will work hard to get out there and make a repair as soon as possible.” Like many other roads in Kenwood and Glen Ellen, Lawndale is torn up from all the heavy traffic associated with home reconstruction after the 2017 fire. To report a pothole, download the free SoCo Report It app, a one-stop shop for reporting a variety of things to the county, signing up for Nixel and emergency alerts, and accessing numerous county agencies and information. Photo by Juli Lorenc .