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Letters to the Editor: 05/15/2019

Letters to the Editor May 15, 2019

Let’s create our own “siren”

Dear Editor,

Thank you for printing so many of the articles about preparing ourselves for an emergency, but I fear we are hopelessly unprepared.

I went to the community meeting last week [April 29] with Susan Gorin at the firehouse and am still struck by the fact that we cannot use the fire station siren, and so were a lot of other folks. I have this idea, which I would like to share with all of you. All of us have alarms… in our cars. All off us have horns… in our cars. When someone’s horn goes off in the middle of the night, I usually wake up and am furious, but IF, just imagine, if, we have another totally windy night and the air is as dry as it was on that night and many nights before and after that fateful night on Oct. 8, and I woke up and saw a pink sky and wanted to warn everyone, I could go out and get in my car and blast away at my car horn and my car siren until everyone else got out of their houses and blasted their horns. Pretty soon every neighborhood would hear it and it would keep going from house to house and car to car. This would certainly wake people up and give them warning.

So here is my idea, maybe at one of our small neighborhood meetings, we can come up with a day and time to try this idea out. I was thinking of a Friday morning, garbage morning, around 8 a.m., when the trucks are waking us anyway. We could give it a try. Just in case you hear a lot of horns and car alarms, it could be our neighborhood sounding off and tooting our own horns!

Thea Vierling