The Kenwood Press
Publisher's Corner: 09/01/2017

Sticker up

Well, it's about time. Kenwood finally has its own bumper sticker, so you can let everyone know you're “Kenwood proud.” Styled after those oval shaped country decals on cars in Europe, it's a gold-colored K on a black background, with “good in the wood” over the top and ”Kenwood CA” on the bottom. In case you didn't know, Kenwood School's colors are black and gold, as were those of the former Kenwood Youth Soccer Club. By the way, we seem to have ended up with a bunch of those soccer jerseys in our garage - maybe we'll sell them on eBay.

You can get a Kenwood bumper sticker by making a donation to the Kenwood Education Foundation, and you can do that right here in the Kenwood Press office, so come on in.

We prefer subtle bumper stickers over ones that lecture or yell at you. You know, the ones that roughly translate to, “Hey I'm a big jerk,” or “Hey, I'm more enlightened than you,” or “Hey, I own a gun,” or “Hey, my kid is smarter than yours.”

Another thing that's annoying - excessive bumper stickers. No one can read that fast, so your cluttered rear end doesn't get its point across.

We can live with the “Baby on Board” or the “Keep Tahoe Blue,” or your favorite sports team, as long as it's not the Dodgers. Even those stick figure families are cute. But please, no “Honk if you like…” Unless, of course, it says “Honk if You Hate my Bumper Sticker.”

Now that Kenwood has a bumper sticker, how about a town flag? Gold and black could be part of the design of course, and something that incorporates themes of community and nature. The Kenwood Checkerbloom? A silhouette of Sugarloaf? Maybe a traffic jam, or a pothole, or a wine glass overflowing? Got any ideas?

And speaking of making a statement, how does this sound? You now have permission to blatantly self-promote yourself or your business, make a political statement, create a fake “news” story… Is it our current political climate? No! It's our Kenwood Press summer photo contest, Pictures with the Press!

After a three-year hiatus, the contest is back, and we've eliminated the old caveat of no doctored photos. This year we've decided, what the heck, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. So go ahead, think outside the box and let your creative juices flow. There's only one rule: the Kenwood Press must be somewhere in the picture.

Time is running out, though, as the deadline is almost here. You must get your photos to us by midnight on Sept. 5. We know you've been thinking about it all summer, but now is the time to act. Email your pictures to and be sure to put “Photo Contest” in the subject line.

All the winners and honorable mentions will be published in a special insert in our Sept. 15 issue. First place wins $75; second place $50; third place, a hearty handshake, and, of course, the worldwide fame of being seen in the pages of the Kenwood Press!