The Kenwood Press
News: 12/15/2017

Oakmont Fire Relief Fund tops $113K

Donors wave over a large replica of a check on Dec. 6. Holding the check (L to R) are Pat Clothier and Susan Millar of the Oakmont Community Foundation, Meg Cadiz and Bri Gonzalez of the Redwood Credit Union, and Sonoma County Supervisor Susan Gorin. Photo by Kathy Sowers

More than 400 Oakmonters, whose community was mostly spared by October’s wildfires, contributed $113,470 to the Redwood Credit Union Community Fund, helping fire victims and first responders.

Pat Amedeo, who organized Oakmont’s fund drive, told a group outside the Berger Center on Dec. 6 that she had “hoped to do something terrific,” starting with a Nov.10 public meeting honoring first responders and veterans. The audience that day donated $30,000.

“For a month, Oakmonters streamed into the OVA office to donate,“ Amedeo said.

There were 419 donors, giving an average of $270, said Bob Chapman, treasurer of the Oakmont Community Foundation, which organized the drive.

Susan Millar, the foundation president, handed a large check to Meg Cadiz, assistant vice president of the credit union.