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Letters to the Editor: 04/15/2018

Letters to the Editor April 1, 20185

Please, please, please…

Dear Editor,
Let me be the Truthiness Compliance Monitor. I would be great!

Some quick thoughts about the Authors Festival [“Book Smarts,” April 1.] Love the big city folks coming to town, coming up with the great idea to charge $750 for a weekend of talks. Not positive why I find this event so distasteful. This was promoted mostly outside the area and doesn’t appear to be for locals. When I contacted them a while ago they were oh so very sorry, sold out and certainly no tickets available for single talks. Seems it is Sonoma’s fault for not having a better venue.

Think the least the Kenwood Press should have done was to include the cost of the tickets in the article as they usually do.

Sorry. May have had too much coffee this morning.

Marti Kramer
Glen Ellen