The Kenwood Press
News: 06/01/2018

Trouble brewing in Deadwood...

Black ní Redburn (Jaden Dudy, farthest left) and the Posse (from left to right: Hailey Chaaban, Luis Olivares, Genevieve McCambridge, Jose Guzman, Conner McNeilly, Linnea Lee, and Mauricio Herrera) hang out in the Deadwood saloon on May 27. All weekend, Dunbar School fifth graders performed in the melodrama The Deadwood Desperado, or A Motherís Grief, one of four such plays written by Squire Fridell and performed in an annual rotation by the Dunbar fifth grade class. Kate Kennedy directed the play, which involved multiple villains and heroes, long-lost loves, lots of disruption in the wild west town of Deadwood, and twists and turns too numerous to count. This yearís production was especially meaningful because the October fires destroyed the schoolís outdoor Haver Stage. But this melodrama had a happy ending. With the help of many in the community and the Sonoma Valley Unified School District, the stage was rebuilt in time for the Memorial Day weekend performances, as well as the schoolís promotion ceremony.