Sonoma Sun Event Calendar

Oakmont Sunday Symposium Oakmont East Recreation Center

Sunday January 31st - 10:30am

The Oakmont Sunday Symposium provides a forum for speakers on diverse topics such as science, history, politics, culture and current events. Attendance is intended for Oakmont residents and their invited guests. Symposiums take place from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the East Recreation Center, 7902 Oakmont Dr.

Jan. 17 - “Africa in the 21st Century,” Richard Zimmer
Present day sub-Saharan Africa seems to get international attention only as a place for terrorism. Yet Africa is a continent of significant change and influence. Many of the fastest-growing economies in the world are in Africa while others, unfortunately, are still in the hands of repressive dictators. Throughout much of Africa, religious and tribal strife continue, as seen in the Central African Republic. Richard Zimmer, professor emeritus of the Hutchins School at Sonoma State University, will talk about these general trends in the African diaspora.

Jan. 24 - “Immigration and Attempts to Regulate It,” Dr. Leslie Koepplin

With a lifelong personal and professional interest in U.S. immigration, Dr. Leslie Koepplin will discuss immigration and its regulation, with particular attention to the some 11 million undocumented immigrants of today. Part of his presentation will focus on why people leave their homes and choose to come here; what their cultural, social and economic contributions are; how they are received; and whether their migration is a success. Dr. Koepplin spent the bulk of his career in academic administration at UCLA and Rutgers University with a special interest in federal government support of research and student aid.

Jan. 31 - “China''s March to the Sea: Conflict in the Southern Ocean,” Perry Ritenour

As China expands its southern borders to encompass most of the area known as the Southern Sea, the South China Sea has emerged as a flash point for the next decade. Many of China''s southern neighbors are protesting the expansion, while even Japan to the north is directly challenging Chinese oceanic ambitions. In this presentation, retired professor of Asian Studies and recent Oakmont neighbor Perry Ritenour will discuss China''s expansion and its implications for the region and the rest of the world.