Sonoma Sun Event Calendar

Oakmont Sunday Symposium Oakmont East Recreation Center

Sunday February 14th - 10:30am

The Oakmont Sunday Symposium provides a forum for speakers on diverse topics such as science, history, politics, culture and current events. Attendance is intended for Oakmont residents and their invited guests. Symposiums take place from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the East Recreation Center, 7902 Oakmont Dr.

Feb. 7 – “Dancing with the Dark: Befriending the Shadow,” Robin Gates

Individuation is a term Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung used to refer to the lifelong process of becoming the complete human beings we were meant to be. It is awakening to our total selves, which includes the conscious personality being in communication with the unconscious. Becoming conscious of the shadow involves recognizing the rejected aspects of one’s personality and bringing them to consciousness. In this presentation, Robin Gates, well-known Bay Area educator, writer and retreat leader, will discuss Jung’s map of the psyche and the role of the personal and collective shadow in the individuation process.

Feb. 14 – “The Power of Storytelling,” Elaine Stanley

Bay Area professional storyteller Elaine Stanley will talk about the oral tradition, why stories are important, and how they make up our daily lives. She will bring her enthusiasm and energy, which come from a pure pleasure and love of sharing stories and poems, to create a connection between audience and teller through stories from around the world and across the ages.