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More Oakmont teams needed at Paws for Healing

Saturday April 22nd -

Have you ever thought that your nice, friendly, polite dog could make an amazing contribution to the local community? Most dogs love having something special to do. Would you like to give your dog (and yourself) an important new way to bring happiness to others in our community? Paws for Healing could be the answer.

Paws for Healing is a nonprofit canine-assisted therapy organization based in the North Bay. It’s run entirely by volunteers and has teams who visit veteran’s homes, hospitals, hospice, assisted living facilities, schools and more. Their motto is “Mending Hearts with Gentle Paws and Guiding Hands” and they bring smiles to everyone they meet.

In order to be part of a canine assistance team, dogs must have basic obedience skills and like people (liking dogs is a plus, too). Instruction, dog evaluation and mentoring are provided. After completing the training and mentoring, Paws asks you to choose a facility to visit four hours a month.

There are several enthusiastic Oakmont teams, but Paws still needs more dogs and people to help fill the many requests coming in from North Bay area schools and other facilities. Please consider applying for this session and discover a great way to make a difference.

A spring training session will be starting on Saturday, April 22. It consists of three consecutive Saturday mornings and is held in Napa.

Visit to learn more and to access your application, or call Donna Forst, Oakmont resident and Paws volunteer, for more information 978-2511.