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Oakmont Dems hear about Medicare for all

Thursday January 18th - 7:00pm

On Thursday, Jan. 18, 7-8:30 p.m. at the East Rec Center, the Oakmont Democratic Club presents Dr. Richard Flinders discussing single-payer healthcare. Flinders will review the many problems of our current healthcare system, state and federal, and demonstrate the variety of models of Single Payer solutions. Up until the Affordable Care Act, 30,000 people per year died due to lack of medical insurance. While the ACA is a big improvement, some of the same problems still prevail.

Flinders was chief of adult medicine in charge of staff supervision of patients admitted to the Inpatient Teaching Service of the Santa Rosa Family Medical Residency Program. He serves as preceptor to medical students, physician assistant and nurse practitioner students from Stanford, UC Davis and Merrit-Peralta training programs. He has received numerous awards for Community Service in Sonoma County and Santa Rosa and has published extensively on Family Practice in Sonoma Medicine.