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Oakmont dog park town hall meeting Oakmont Berger Center

Thursday April 19th - 3:00pm

The Oakmont Canine Club and Dog Park Ad-Hoc Committee, which was approved by the Oakmont Village Association (OVA) Board in February, will give a public presentation on the history of a dog park in Oakmont on Thursday, April 19, at 3 p.m., and again on Friday, May 18, at 4 p.m., in the Berger Center.

The ad-hoc committee feels that many people bought homes in Oakmont specifically because Oakmont had an area for their dogs to run and get exercise and for people to socialize. Before the Trione Polo Field’s closure to dogs, the committee had observed no more than 20-30 dogs using the field at any one time and usually staying about an hour.

The committee is not authorized to spend money on plans, surveys, or tests. It is a fact-finding group to study locations, costs of fencing, ground cover, and water supply. The committee would like to have gate security to ensure that only Oakmont residents and their invited guests have access to the off-leash dog park and that the park complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act so those in wheel chairs and walkers may enjoy it as well.

Prior to petitioning the OVA Board for club recognition, the ad-hoc committee had a petition prepared, with signatures of 400 Oakmont residents, in favor of a dog park in Oakmont. Many of those residents are not dog owners, but believe that the dog park will help increase the value of their homes. The Dog Park Ad-Hoc Committee wants to hear your issues and concerns and will answer many of them after the presentations.