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Grandparents’ Week fun for everyone

Sunday July 22nd -

Oakmont Grandparents’ Week is coming up July 22-27, full of classes and events for grandchildren. From a carnival, to crafts, to a family movie night, there is something for everyone. Registration forms are available at

Want to help out? Assistants are needed at each of the classes during the week; no experience necessary and no grandchildren necessary – just a smile and enthusiasm required! Registration is only for residents of Oakmont, but anyone is welcome to host events and participate in the children’s fun. Please contact club chair Leslie Brockman at or 949-683-7725 to volunteer.

Also needed are gently-used children’s books for the giveaway at the Welcome Party, and coins (foreign and domestic) for the popular coin tosses. Books can be deposited at the Oakmont Library and coins may be left in the Grandparents Club folder at the OVA office.