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Hollywood Before the Code, with Terry Ebinger

Wednesday February 13th - 3:00pm

Oakmont Lifelong Learning presents a four-week session on Wednesdays, Feb. 13-March 6, 3-5 p.m. at the Berger Center. Cost is $81.

In 1929, the move from silents to talkies fueled a new cinematic power of voice, inspiring an emergence of film art fueled by morally searching, socially conscious, sexually honest storytelling. By 1934, zealous Hays Code censorship summarily shut down this freedom of expression, imposing decades of strict, moralizing, encoded rule. Participants will watch four Pre-Code gems and study them through the lens of film art, cultural history, depth psychology, myth, and symbol. Explore Depression-era moral development in unique movie time capsules depicting rising female agency, fallen heroic ideals, modern sexuality, war weariness, class disparity and lots of illegal alcohol. Films featured: Red Dust, Island of Lost Souls, The Eagle and The Hawk, and Baby Face.

Class instructor is Terry Ebinger, MS, a film scholar with over 30 years of experience as a depth psychological educator and mentor, dream consultant, and group leader. Her classes approach film studies through the lens of art, culture, history, psychology, myth and metaphor.

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