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Oakmont Dems discuss healthcare for all

Oakmont West Recreation Center

Thursday October 2017 - 6:30pm to

On Thursday, Oct. 19, at 6:30 p.m., Dr. Richard Flinders comes to the Oakmont Democratic Club to discuss single-payer healthcare. He will review the many problems of our current healthcare system, state and federal, and demonstrate the variety of models of single-payer solutions. Up until the Affordable Care Act, 30,000 people per year died due to lack of medical insurance. While the ACA is a big improvement, some of the same problems still prevail. In Flinders’ July editorial for Sonoma Medicine: The magazine of the Sonoma County Medical Association, he included the following facts of our “lousy system.”

• “The financial juggernaut of the Big Three – pharmaceuticals, private insurance, and the medical technology marketplace – drives the current practice of medicine with an undue influence that has distorted our science, distracted us from the reason we [doctors] practice medicine, and threatens a stranglehold on any meaningful reform. If you doubt this influence, consider Congress, where drug lobbyists outnumber legislators two to one.”

• Medicare Part D, which provides prescription drugs for the elderly at drug-company prices, was written by drug lobbyists. The bill forbids Medicare from negotiating the price it pays for drugs thus Medicare pays up to 10 times the price charged to others for the same drug.

• The Byzantine bureaucracy of 1,300 different insurance companies charge a 15 to 30 percent “administrative fee” compared to Medicare’s administrative cost of three percent. Most single-payer systems, worldwide, operate at under 10 percent administrative costs.

• Flinders questions the large number of expensive unnecessary technology procedures such as CAT scans, and states that most Medicare dollars are spent in the last 30 days of life.

Flinders was chief of Adult Medicine in charge of staff supervision of patients admitted to the Impatient Teaching Service of the Santa Rosa Family Medical Residency Program. This free presentation will be at the West Recreation Center, 6470 Meadowridge Dr.

For further Information, contact club president Molly Fleischman at, 415-994-4610, or

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