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Publishers' Corner: 09/15/2018


Recently we went through a purge at our house. Over a span of two decades we had accumulated all sorts of rarely-if-ever used items and obsolete technologies. Think CDs and DVDs – lots and lots of CDs and DVDs. We had already gotten rid of most of our old albums by giving them to our adult kids, of all people, who play them on… wait for it… record players! Who’s old and fuddy now?

All these DVDs and CDs had slowly taken over part of a room in our house, and more than a few we probably never even played or listened to – you know, like the CD a friend gave you, mistakenly thinking you were a big Yanni fan.

Back in the day, if you were desperate to find a gift for someone, you could buy them a box set of DVDs, like a whole season of C.S.I. or The Simpsons, or a bunch of Oliver Stone movies. Why, oh why, did we all do this? Surely not so we could watch Natural Born Killers over and over again.

I wasn’t paying much attention as Ann was deciding what to send to Goodwill, although she did ask me to take a look at the give-away piles. I found out later that she had given away This is Spinal Tap, which I lamented. “So when is the last time you actually sat down and watched that?” she asked. Hmmm, mumble… I quickly went back to whatever else it was I was doing.

To see if people even listen to music on CD anymore, we put two boxes of them on top of a wine barrel outside our office with a sign saying, “Free CDs – Take as many as you like.” Rather surprisingly, they were all gone in two days, so the answer is yes. So here’s a good decluttering tip – give your clutter away to someone else!

It does make you feel good to think that other people can use your stuff, read a book they’ve never read, or watch a classic movie for the first time. We imagine the new owners rocking out to that great Los Lobos CD. Or, maybe it will just sit on their shelf for the next 20 years. Either way, these items are out of our house.

Besides, why do we even need CDs, DVDs, or books when almost everything is available online anyway? Of course, when the power goes out, you’re stuck as far as entertainment goes. Maybe read a hard copy of a newspaper.

To be honest, we didn’t get rid of everything. We kept some movies, a few classics and some that over the years we have watched enough to justify making the cut, like The Court Jester, O Brother Where Art Thou, and, of course, My Cousin Vinnie. And someone decided to keep a whole season of the mid-to-late 80s TV show Pee-Wee’s Playhouse. I asked this someone when was the last time she sat down and watched an episode… She told me to go back to whatever else I was doing.

Thanks to everyone who sent in photos for our Pictures with the Press contest – there were some really fun entries. The winner, by Cindy Belluomini of Kenwood, is on the front page and a big $75 is coming her way!

– Alec

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