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News: 06/01/2019

Lawndale Road included in county road work plan

At a Sonoma County Board of Supervisors meeting on May 21, the board approved funding and a plan to rehabilitate and preserve over 51 miles of county roads in 2020 and 2021.

Included in the plan is repair of a bone-rattling 1.71-mile stretch of Lawndale Road from Schultz Road to Sonoma Highway.

It won’t be just pothole filling, but a technique known as a full-depth reclamation. Full-depth reclamation is a type of complete road reconstruction where the old pavement and base materials are not removed. Instead, they are processed on-site and the old materials are pulverized, mixed, and treated with a stabilizing agent (such as cement or asphalt emulsion) to produce a like-new road base. That stretch of Lawndale Road would then be re-surfaced with an overlay of new asphalt. This road preservation method can provide up to 30 years of additional life.

There is no date at the moment as to when this road work will be started.

Other work planned in Sonoma Valley includes Riverside Drive from Craig Avenue to Verano Avenue; Greger Street from Lichtenberg Avenue to Orchard Avenue; Thomson Avenue off of Sonoma Highway; and Arnold Drive from Highway 116 to Arnold.

Also nearby, in Bennett Valley, a 1.32-mile stretch of Grange Road will get an asphalt overlay.

From 2013-2019, 382 total miles have been paved to the tune of $112 million, a mixture of state, federal, and county general funds. For 2020-21, total funding for roads from those sources will total $37 million.

Sonoma County has the largest road network in the San Francisco Bay Area, with 1,269 miles of roads and 328 bridges.

The Board of Supervisors adopted a long-term road plan in 2014, establishing a goal to improve over 700 miles of county roads, those most traveled and those that support the county’s agricultural, recreation, and tourist activities.

Since this criteria excludes many lower volume residential and rural roads, the county dedicates $1 million per year as part of its “Worst-First” program. Each of the five supervisorial districts get a Worst-First project. In Sonoma Valley’s District 1, $228,000 will go to fix Solano Avenue from Arnold Drive to Riverside Drive.

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