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Pictures with the Press: 09/15/2012

Pictures with the Press 2012

...and the winners are


We loved Erin Aikens’ prize-winning photo taken from the Sky Glider at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in July. It’s got summer written all over it!


In the 4th of July Parade, members of the Kenwood Community Club celebrated not only our nation’s birthday, but also the 125th anniversary of the Kenwood Depot, a double whammy of national patriotism and local pride! Pictured from left: Elizabeth Kolling, Liam Kolling, Alaina Kolling, Max Bohlke-Slater, Samantha Bohlke-Slater, Diane Strauss, and Joy Bohlke.


Our third place winner features beautiful Yellowstone National Park, beautiful Amy MacNair, and bison to boot!

Honorable Mentions

Jacqueline Santoro is pretty as a picture reading her Kenwood Press.

From left, Oakmont Kiwanis members John Rector, Nick Ruiz and Bob Bales take a break from flipping flapjacks to read the news at the club’s annual pancake breakfast.

Ross and Bonnie Alexander celebrate KenWoodStock with the Unauthorized Rolling Stones at Chateau St. Jean.

Eva and Joseph Azevedo visit Mission la Purisima Concepcion, Eva’s 4th grade mission project.

Sock Monkey and friends finalize plans for a Household Watch program at the Morcomb residence in Oakmont.

Diane and Morry Strauss go to extreme lengths to enter our contest, all the way to the tip of South Africa!

David Everidge tries to keep the KP from flying away in the windy town of Bolungarvik in the West Fjords of Iceland. What is that in the background, a troll?

Roxanne Thornton and Dave Johnson in Belgrade, Serbia, where they rode on Tito’s Blue Train. They were entertained by these smiling Serbian girls when the train stopped at Tito’s private station.

In the Gold Souk in Muscat, Oman, Naomi Holm checks to see if this shopkeeper advertises in the Kenwood Press.

Chuck and Sallie Wood at the Library of Celsus in Ephesus, Turkey.

Kathy Bongiovanni reflecting on the KP at Quarryhill Botanical Garden in Glen Ellen.

Eleanor Flandermeyer catching up on the news in Toronto.

Land ho! Susan Campbell sights Sausalito with the help of the Kenwood Press.

Helen Burch engaging in a little cultural exchange in the Solomon Islands.

More Pictures with the Press Honorable Mentions:

Larkin Dawson, Jill Dawson, Tyler Davenport and Kyrie Dawson take a Kenwood Press break at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve in Costa Rica.

After five months of traveling through Southeast Asia and Western Australia, Inga Aksamit and Steve Mullen of Kenwood took a moment to recline against a jar at the Plain of Jars, a mysterious area in central Laos full of ancient large stone jars whose origin and purpose is uncertain. Makes you wonder...Was it a “jarring” experience?

Pete Hogan of Oakmont and Joanne Bender of Santa Rosa enjoyed a spectacular view and a Carribean vacation at the Oyster Bay Resort in San Maarten, Virgin Islands.

In April, Phillip Holm, posing as a newspaper delivery boy, knocked on the gate of the Al Alam Palace (the official residence of Sultan Qaboos bin Said) in Muscat, Oman.

Lauren Benward Krause and husband Steven honeymooned in Panama, and took the Kenwood Press along to catch up on local news while waiting for their flight (only one a day) at Uggubseni Playon Chico Airport in the Comarca de Kuna Yala.

Local communication meets worldwide communication! The Sonoma County Radio Amateurs were in Bucks Lake, near Quincy in July for an exercise in emergency preparation to set up radios for worldwide communications.

Curt and Marchelle Carleton, and Marissa, Rebecca, and Gary Rosenberg sailing out of the harbor in Kotor, Montenegro with champagne in hand. Earlier that day, the group hiked up 1,347 steps to the fortress that protected Montenegro, thus the champagne – and Kenwood Press – to celebrate their conquest of the fortress.

Elisa Stancil Levine in front of St. Gudula and St. Michel Church in Brussels. She and husband Chuck finally remembered to bring the Press with them on their travels!

Thank you to all who sent in pictures! Until next year!

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