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Publisher's Corner: 10/15/2016

Dark days ahead?

Last week my friend said she wished the days would stay long year round, like summertime. She immediately retracted the statement, emphasizing that we should appreciate what we have right now. Amen!

We’ve moved into fall, and the days are definitely shorter, the air is crisper, and the evenings have that almost sepia quality as the slanting rays of the sun shine lower and lower across the landscape. The ground is scattered with dead leaves, the vegetable garden is on its last legs, and our dogs are getting grayer around their muzzles with every passing year. We still go out for walks, but the frenzy of two labs exploding out of the gate is no longer. It’s now more of a quick sprint, and then a circling back around to make sure we’re nearby.

I love this season in the Valley of the Moon. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s filled with activity. Last Sunday we spent the day at the Glen Ellen Village Fair. What a perfect small town celebration that is – the world’s shortest parade, Kids Alley, live music, not to mention the people and dog watching. Glen Ellen has an authentic Bohemian vibe that you don’t see every day. Folks spent months organizing this one-day event, and it was definitely worth it.

There are so many groups of people working together to make our community better – the Valley of the Moon Alliance, Glen Ellen Historical Society, Rotary Club of Glen Ellen-Kenwood, Quarryhill Botanical Garden, Jack London Society, Kenwood and Dunbar schools, Oakmont’s Emergency Preparedness Committee, Oakmont Kiwanis Club, Valley of the Moon Rotary Club, all the local churches, Glen Ellen, Kenwood and Mayacamas fire departments – the list is long.

This fall, it has been particularly important to note what is good, what is working well, who is helping, because try as I might, I cannot ignore the political climate. I can’t resist the urge to tune in, watch the presidential debates, listen to the talking heads analyzing every moment of every day. Unlike Alec, I didn’t go for a walk last Sunday. And afterward, I felt like I’d done something dirty, like I’d wallowed in pornography – political pornography. Clearly I need an intervention…

But as my friend reminded me, there is a cycle in nature that we should appreciate. We’re at that time of year when things start to die back and it starts to get colder and darker. In a couple of weeks we’ll go off daylight savings time, and before you know it, Nov. 8 will have come and gone. We might be momentarily plunged into darkness, but eventually, inexorably, and without fail, it will start to get lighter.


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