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Publisher's Corner: 12/15/2016

Making a list…

Dear Santa,

This year for Christmas, I would like for the deer to stop using my yard as their grocery store. Can you do something about that? Send us lots of rain so they’ll have plenty of grass and vegetation to eat… somewhere else!

And while you’re at it, please send a few of your elves to fill all the potholes on our local roads. My tires will thank you.

A couple more restaurants around here would be nice. We love the two that are left in Kenwood, but as they say, variety is the spice of life, and we’re now down to salt and pepper, and little oregano. What we could really use is a breakfast place.

I don’t know if people are in your bag of toys, but if it’s at all possible, please send a few more young families with children to live in Kenwood and Glen Ellen. We would welcome them with open arms. Of course, you’d have to give them a house to live in. Can you arrange that? Nothing fancy, maybe in the $500,000 to $600,000 range for a nice starter home.

Another thing that would make this area really great would be a dedicated bike/pedestrian path along the highway, but separate from the highway, obviously. If you can swing that, might as well throw in bikes for everyone. We could be the biking capital of California!

We also need a dog park. And a tennis court.

Thanks, Santa.


The editor

OK, we’re being a little facetious, and a little greedy, asking for the moon for the Valley of the Moon. We actually have it pretty good around here already, and this is a time to reflect on what we do have, and what is working.

The Kenwood Community Club threw a great Holiday Party two weeks ago that was well-attended and fun. Lots of yummy food and wine, and lots of neighbors and friends. Please support the KCC in the coming year.

In Glen Ellen, the Glen Ellen Town Forum is meeting monthly and working toward some kind of self-governance for the town. So far it seems as if a lot of people are interested and willing to work on the issue.

And then there are all our local institutions that make Kenwood, Glen Ellen and Oakmont run smoothly – the fire departments and first responders, the schools, the churches, all the clubs. All these groups exist because of the people who spend their time and treasure on the things that are important to them. Thank you.

On a more personal note, we’d like to thank all the people who have contributed to the Kenwood Press this year – our talented writers, everyone who sent in a letter to the editor, a press release, a photo, anyone who placed a classified ad. And of course, we are so thankful for our loyal advertisers. You pay the bills and keep the lights on, and without you, none of the magic would happen. Please support our advertisers in the coming year.

Many years ago, when our oldest child was about five or six, we sat down to write a letter to Santa. This is the gist of what he wrote:

“Dear Santa, I love you.”

That’s it! He didn’t know that you’re supposed to ask for stuff.

We should all be so childlike once in a while. Don’t ask for anything. Just say “Thank you. I love you.”

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