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Letters to the Editor: 02/15/2017

Letters to the Editor

Neighbors oppose cell phone tower

Dear Editor,

A 71-foot commercial communications facility (including a cell tower) is planned for 2550 Warm Springs Road, the residence of Dave Crockett (Kenwood Press article, Oct. 1, 2016). As the property owners closest to the property in question, we feel it is important that the local community is aware of the issues surrounding the project before the zoning board considers the zoning application on March 16.

The local neighborhood, including over 35 other property owners, strongly opposes this project for several reasons. First, and foremost, it will reduce the neighborhoodís property values from between 15 and 20 percent, per Market Impact Studies (Bond and Hue, Bond and Wang). Secondly, it is a commercial facility that is not fitting with and will change the rural nature of our neighborhood. The facilityís footprint will be over 520 square feet, and will include cooling, back-up generator systems, night lights, and associated noise. Thirdly, the facility is in a scenic view corridor, and the tower will be twice the height of surrounding trees. Fourth, there is already cell service in the area and therefore this new service should be co-located on one of the existing towers already serving the area.

The Board of Zoning Adjustments will be holding a meeting on March 16 (back up date is April 6) to consider this application. We urge all interested parties to attend the meeting and provide their input.

Warm Springs Road neighbors:
Diana Sanson and Ben Compton
Christine Paxton and Joseph Merz
Cathy Leonard
Stephen Portis

Loss of bike path is a sad reflection on community

Dear Editor,

I was saddened to read the recent article about the loss of bike access across a short piece of private land in Wild Oak. As a cyclist, I have used the Wild Oak access for many years when riding between Kenwood and Santa Rosa to avoid the more dangerous alternative along a stream of impatient Hwy. 12 motorists. Channel Drive is a naturally safer and more tranquillo route for those that want to cruise through Annadel State Park, and avoid car mirrors buzzing by your head. I know that there are inconsiderate cyclists, as there are Oakmont drivers that are willing to run down cyclists, but they are a minority! Canít the majority just get along, treat each other with respect and share the same paths together? It is a tragedy that all the money spent by the homeowners and city for their costly litigation couldnít have been used for a more positive investment in our community.

Our friendly rural environment that I have enjoyed since moving to Kenwood in 1982 has dramatically changed as far as neighborly sharing and generosity. In recent years, new owners constructed an eight-foot deer fence on both sides of Lawndale road through the old Rossi property. A scenic rural road that once snaked between rows of old grape vines is now a tunnel of metal fencing. Past articles in the Kenwood Press mentioned that there are people in Kenwood who donít want the Sonoma Valley Bike Trail to go through Kenwood, and others who want to change the soccer field at Shaw Park to a Dog Park. Is Kenwood going to the dogs? (Just had to say that.)

Just an old crank,

Dennis Fagent

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