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Letters to the Editor: 04/15/2017

Letters to the Editor April 15, 2017

A home for the orphans of the storm

Dear Editor,

Yes, the new OVA board has stopped the ground breaking on the pickleball courts April 4, but just a simple little history of all the efforts, time done by the past boards.

After multiple boards over three years and working through the City of Santa Rosa's approval and permit process, the contracted construction finally began April 3 (after the wettest delay imaginable).

The controversy was just as bad as when remodeling the Fitness Center and CAC. So many untruths rolled through the news grapevine. “Our dues will double!” and such…

Getting 4,800 people to agree on anything is impossible. Oakmont has facilities, sport and non, allowing all types of interest. No one club or facility is used by 100 percent of us, yet we have built lawn bowling, improved our Bocce courts for $75,000, and added card rooms, yoga/dance studio, and more. These improvements only add to the appeal of Oakmont as an active adult community.

Forward thinking by all board members is much appreciated. We residents are only here temporarily; Oakmont lives on after we are gone…

After reading Chris Smith's April 11 paragraph in the Press Democrat regarding a “recount” scheduled for April 17, I decided to check the vote count and discovered a curious fact. Both sides ran a “Block of candidates,” four each. The signs, banners, get-to-know meetings were designed as such. So if you tally the votes “by block,” the difference is 106 MORE votes for the Yes! Pickleball Project vs. the No! Pickleball Project.

That being said, it is important that all new board members represent all of the Oakmont residents, not be discriminatory toward one sport, one group, one club, nor persons. The final results were pretty much 50/50. No landslide.

Melissa Bowers

Think more about wildlife and less about yourself

Dear locals,

On March 28, on a private road off Warm Springs near Kenwood, a nonresident and his unleashed dog spooked a blind deer while walking on a private driveway behind our property. What happened next was one of the most disturbing episodes I've ever witnessed. It was completely avoidable had this man had his dog leashed, as Sonoma County law requires. This law exists for many reasons. To protect people, domestic pets, livestock, and yes, wildlife. This is the second time this issue has happened on our property in 20 years, both times ending in suffering and eventual death for the deer.

We all realize the stressors our wildlife live with daily, given population growth, the excessive drive towards commercialization of the rural areas and the lack of ability to move through areas long used for migration and territory. Let's consider thinking more of making their lives easier and less of ourselves.

And please also consider writing a check to any of the many wonderful groups we have here in the valley working to make things just a little better for wildlife and the environment. Which only helps make this a place we love to live. Kenwoodians beloved Fawn Rescue, Quinton Martin's Mountain Lion Project at the amazing Audubon Canyon Ranch, Sonoma Land Trust, and Wildlife Rescue to name just a few.

Jane Mathewson
Glen Ellen

Make your voice heard on cell phone tower

Dear Editor,

The reasons for the fight against the 71-foot cell tower at a home at 2550 Warm Springs Road in Glen Ellen should be made clear. The neighborhood is strongly opposed to this project as it will decrease our property values by 10-20 percent (within _ to _ mile of the tower), collectively totaling a loss of many hundreds of thousands of dollars. This fact has been validated by multiple real estate studies in the last few years (Bond and Hue; Bond and Wang). It is not being built for the members of the community, but as Verizon stated, “for the people driving through along the road.” Over 36 local property owners have signed a petition against the tower. The tower's permit application is asking for special variances, most notably for commercial use (the area's rural residential zoning is not slated for this use) and size (maximum telecommunications pole size is restricted to 30'), among many others.

This tower does not belong at this location and the telecommunications antennas should be co-located within the existing towers already serving the area.

The Board of Zoning Adjustments hearing is planned for Thursday, April 20, 1 p.m., at PRMD offices, 2550 Ventura Avenue, Santa Rosa We ask that all interested parties attend to make their opinions and voices heard.

Diana Sanson, on behalf of over 20 properties and their owners
Glen Ellen

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