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Publisher's Corner: 07/01/2017

Take a deep breath

Full disclosure - I have inhaled. And I totally get the medical benefits of marijuana - I'll be first in line when I need it. And I voted last fall to legalize recreational marijuana in California, though I wasn't quite sure what the state was about to embark on.

Well, in certain respects, now I know - legalization has released a juggernaut of marketing opportunities for every self-respecting entrepreneur. If you think the wine industry in our area is good at promoting and branding, just wait. Biodynamic, sustainable, organic, hand-crafted, estate-grown, late harvest - terms all coming to a cannabis-infused cinnamon cookie near you.

Even better, combine the two pleasures. There has been a proliferation of conferences, lectures, symposiums, seminars, etc. on how to make a buck marrying wine and cannabis. Green wine, wine and cannabis tasting rooms, wine and cannabis farm stays, new vineyard/cannabis appellations - the possibilities are really endless.

Then there's the epicurean angle of course, given Sonoma County's position as a leading foodie destination. Formal cannabis cuisine is a natural. We got a press release for an upcoming Cannacuisine Gala in Sonoma County later this month, where the “cannacurious” can learn from the “cannasseurs”, and where attendees can enjoy “canna-cocktails.”

I'm not sure I “canna-take-much-more-of this.”

So where does this leave us? In the April 1 issue, I wrote a fake classified ad about new Ganja-on-the-Go gourmet food trucks. Well, how about it? Admit it, this is a great idea. A fleet of pop-up trucks at events, farmers markets, soccer games. Guaranteed locally sourced, artisanal, deconstructed, farm-to-truck, organic products. I need some canna-capital, so give me a call.

Even if you don't know where you want to fit in with the exploding cannabis industry, the first thing to do is get a website. KenwoodCannabis? Someone owns variations of this already so you'll have to pay to get it. KenwoodKannabis is available, and Glenellencannabis is free so go get 'em.

If you're not into crass marketing attempts, you might want to look into academia to continue the mainstreaming of weed. Encourage the U.C. system to create a Department of Cannabis Studies to begin training the state's future brain and talent pool. Chemistry, math, economics, law, medicine - cannabis studies cut across all disciplines. I picture someone like Pomona Sprout, the Herbology professor in the Harry Potter series.

Hmmm… now those books make a lot more sense to me, right Harry Pot-ter?

The approaching cannabis tsunami has overwhelmed me so much that I need a vacation, which is exactly what all of us here at the KP are going to do. As is our custom, we will not be publishing a July 15 issue, so look for the Kenwood Press next on Aug. 1. The office will be closed until July 17, but we will check emails and messages. And don't forget our “Pictures with the Press” summer photo contest. You canna take the Kenwood Press with you on your summer trip and get creative!

Enjoy the 4th of July in Kenwood!

- Alec

Editor & Publisher

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