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Publisher's Corner: 09/15/2017

Pictures Perfect

We love you guys.

Really, what can we say about all you people who take the time to have fun with the Kenwood Press, taking pictures with the paper around the world, and right here in our own back yard.

Check out the special insert in this issue with this year’s “Pictures with the Press” winners – First, Second and Third place, plus all the honorable mentions we can fit in a four-page spread. We took a break from the contest for a couple of years, but are happy it’s back. It always puts a smile on our faces.

A long time ago we did a limerick contest. Note to self: never have limerick contest again. We did a poetry contest another year, which was actually pretty darn good. Lots of talent around here, but it made our heads hurt trying to evaluate them since we thought all poetry should rhyme.

But nothing can really match the “Pictures with the Press” contest, especially now in the digital age – you can take a zillion snaps until you get it right, and with just a few keystrokes you’ve sent your photos to us, and maybe won fame and fortune!

If you didn’t get around to entering the contest, don’t worry, there’s always next year!

Looking forward to the Fall, the schedule is packed with fun events so mark your calendar. Kenwood School is having its Sixth Grade Spaghetti Feed this Sunday at the Maple Ring. The Valley of the Moon Alliance’s annual picnic is Sept. 23 at Plaza Park, the Wine Country Film Festival kicks off at local venues on Sept. 22, and the Glen Ellen Village Fair continues its grand tradition on Sunday, Oct. 8. Not to mention a wide array of hikes and events available at all our parks. Take advantage of great fall weather and get out and do something!

Obviously, we live in a special place here in the Valley of the Moon. Not only is it beautiful, but there’s a real sense of community and ongoing efforts to keep it that way. It’s hard to watch the news and see all the death and destruction from the hurricanes in Texas and Florida. Disasters always bring out the best in people. The real challenge is to be that person in your normal, day-to-day life. Let’s all be kind, listen more and talk less, give someone the benefit of the doubt, and lend a helping hand to neighbors, strangers, and even that person we just don’t like. Because someday, we could be the ones who need exactly that.

Like we said, we love you guys!

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