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Publishers' Corner: 10/01/2017

Happy hour

At the moment, Kenwood only has two open restaurants – Café Citti and Palooza, but soon we hope to double that number with the addition of Salt & Stone where the Kenwood Restaurant used to be, and TIPS Roadside in the old Vineyards Inn location. In the meantime, Palooza has gotten a new alcohol license that allows it to serve spirits, which has given rise (at least here at the KP) to all sorts of ideas for new hand-crafted, artisan cocktails, with a local twist.

And what could be more local than “The Kenwood Press?” A concoction of vodka, cranberry juice and a squirt of ink (squid ink).

Here are a few more ideas:

The Tipsy Tourist – Local red wine infused with cannabis, which makes it easier to ignore the speeding cars as you and your friends walk along Highway 12.

The Back Nine – For Oakmonters tired of dealing with wildlife on the golf course. Wild Turkey bourbon, Grey Goose vodka, and a shot of Jagermeister.

The Pickleball – Gin with an extra shot of gin in a roly poly, with a splash of pickle juice – sweet or sour, your choice.

The Crime Watch – Jack Daniels with two ice cubes. You can only have one and then you have to move along.

The Angry Neighbor – Cayenne, grapefruit juice, and tequila. Tastes great when you drink it, but there’ll be lots of regrets the next day.

The SDC – A gin and tonic with a gigantic twirly straw. So big and complex it’s hard to figure out what to do with it.

The Harvest Time – A flight of beer, served in test tubes. Comes with a hydrometer and a bowl of sugar cubes.

The Tasting Room – We forget what goes in this drink; all we know is that you can’t have just one.

The Vacation Rental – Rum, Coca-cola, and lime juice with a cherry. You can only ask for it after 11 p.m. and you have to order it really loudly.

The Jack London – John Barleycorn, of course.

The Highway 12 – Locally sourced vodka, cucumber and simple syrup. Delicious on a summer afternoon, but you have to wait for it a very, very, very long time.

The Glen Ellen Parade – Also known as The Kenwood Parade. Ask for a very short pour of aged scotch, sip and enjoy! Comes with a bowl of candy.

All of the restaurants and bars in our area are welcome to use the above cocktails on their menus; we won’t mind. But if they do serve you a Kenwood Press or a Pickleball, remember to drink responsibly. We don’t want you to down a few Crime Watches and then end up in the real Crime Watch.

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