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Alec Peters

Alec was born and raised in San Francisco, and moved up to Kenwood with his family in 1994. Before purchasing the Kenwood Press with his wife, Ann, Alec worked for The Recorder legal newspaper in San Francisco as a reporter. When not busy looking for typos or going to meetings , Alec likes to relax by cheering on the San Francisco Giants along with the other local sports teams, following politics, hanging out with his three children, and trying to train his dog, Kona.

Editor & Publisher

Recently Published:

07/01/2017 - Take a deep breath
06/15/2017 - Elnoka development back on track
06/15/2017 - Settlement sets path for project on Sonoma Mtn. Road
05/15/2017 - Toys R Not Us
05/01/2017 - Neighborhood asks for ban on new vacation rentals
05/01/2017 - SVCAC won’t support VJB permit changes
04/15/2017 - BZA to consider Warm Springs Road cell tower facility
04/15/2017 - GE Fire Dept. taking a step into the future
04/15/2017 - SVCAC to review latest VJB plans
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03/01/2017 - Business Beat
03/01/2017 - Calabazas Preserve OK’d to be part of county parks system
03/01/2017 - SVCAC supports Warm Springs Road cell tower
02/15/2017 - Glen Ellen Town Forum fleshes out ideas for the community
01/15/2017 - Human trafficking happens here – be aware
01/15/2017 - Lawsuit filed on Belden Barns project
12/01/2016 - Belden Barns given the green light
12/01/2016 - Post what?
11/15/2016 - Resort design review appealed
11/15/2016 - Public weighs in on potential GE fire department shift
11/15/2016 - Glen Ellen continues local control conversation
11/15/2016 - Native American Church leaves Kenwood site
11/01/2016 - Belden Barns final EIR released, hearing set
11/01/2016 - Glen Ellen Fire Department looks at making changes
11/01/2016 - Glen Ellen discusses the future; self-determination
11/01/2016 - Design of resort OK’d; appeal likely
10/15/2016 - NPR alums land in Sonoma, launch speaker series
10/01/2016 - Art up close and personal
09/15/2016 - Conservation easements: important tools to protect the land
09/01/2016 - The Club at Juvenile Hall – a refuge for troubled youth
08/15/2016 - First world problems
08/15/2016 - Recreational drone use prohibited in local parks
08/01/2016 - Kenwood luxury resort moves forward
08/01/2016 - Belden Barns environmental review questioned
07/01/2016 - Kenwood Vineyards gets an earful at community meeting
07/01/2016 - Lavender jam gums up Kenwood
07/01/2016 - VJB files another use permit revision request, offers parking solution
06/15/2016 - Federal suit by Kenwood Native American church tossed
06/01/2016 - New vacation rentals banned in select SV neighborhoods
05/15/2016 - GE residents sound off on speeding, parking issues
05/15/2016 - Supes to consider ban on vacation rentals in Kenwood, Glen Ellen
05/01/2016 - New trails detailed for Regional Park
05/01/2016 - Panel OKs targeted ban on new vacation rentals
03/01/2016 - Gorin says she will address Glen Ellen “Triangle” concerns
02/01/2016 - Supervisors adopt “watered down” vacation rental rules
01/15/2016 - Supervisors to decide on vacation rental rules
12/01/2015 - Native American Church in Kenwood sues county
12/01/2015 - Panel supports tougher rules for vacation rentals
11/15/2015 - Winery event issues public workshop Nov. 16
11/15/2015 - Deerfield files bankruptcy reorganization plan

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